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Debit and ATM Cards

Checking General Information

For our Checking Options, please view our Checking Page.


ATM/Debt Card

Debit and ATM Card

Our ATM and debit cards can give you the freedom to access your money virtually anywhere! You can use your cards at any ATM displaying the Cirrus, Fastbank or Pulse logos - that's virtually world-wide access!

Your Pillar Debit Card has enhanced features you may not expect. Click the link below for details.


Locate an ATM

You can avoid paying surcharges at someone else’s ATM by getting yourself extra cash when you make a purchase using your debit card. If a store accepts debit cards, they might ask if you’d like cash back. Select “Yes” and choose the amount. Pillar won’t charge you for doing this, but some stores have their own fee so always pay attention when using this option.



Lost / Stolen Debit Card: 740-389-9960 or 833-462-0798 (After Hours)

Debit Card Charge Dispute: 740-389-9960 or 1-866-987-1457 (After Hours)


Overdraft protection

E-Z Advance Overdraft Privilege – for those ‘surprise short-on-cash’ moments

It’s pretty easy to find yourself a little short on cash. We’re people just like you so we get it – things happen. One unexpected bill at just the wrong time can be a nightmare. The last thing we want is for you to go through the embarrassment and inconvenience of your debit card being rejected at the grocery store checkout or the headaches and extra fees that come from a bounced check.

That’s why we have our E-Z Advance program. It’s there to help when you have an overdraft. Basically, an overdraft is when you don’t have enough money in your checking account to cover a transaction, but we go ahead and pay it anyway.

E-Z Advance is automatically available to most people with one of our checking accounts after 90 days (some restrictions do apply). You don’t even need to do anything to enroll and it only costs you our standard $30 non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee if you overdraw your account and we choose to pay the transaction instead of reject it. This applies to debit card purchases, checks, and automatic transactions (ex: monthly subscription payments) and there’s a limit of up to $500.

Of course, this service is a courtesy and not guaranteed. We always have the right to deny or turn off the service if it’s not being used correctly.

Another option we have is an overdraft protection plan that links to a line of credit. A protection plan still has costs, but could be less expensive than E-Z Advance depending on how it’s used. Just give us a call at 740-389-9960 if you’d like to learn more about either one or if you’d like to opt out of the automatic E-Z Advance.


  Reorder paper checks

Re-Order Checks Online

You can reorder your paper checks online directly from Main Street. Please have an existing check ready, as you will need information from it.

Reorder Online  




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