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Pillar Credit Union now offers lobby access at our Barks Road location for daily transactions. All business at Kenton Avenue remains as drive-thru and ATM only.

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ATM / Debit Accounts

Checking General Information

For our Checking Options, please view our Checking Page.


ATM/Debt Card

ATM Debit Card

Our ATM and debit cards can give you the freedom to access your money virtually anywhere! You can use your cards at any ATM displaying the Cirrus, Fastbank or Pulse logos - that virtually world-wide access!

Locate an ATM

Avoid paying surcharges at other financial institution’s ATM machines by getting yourself extra cash when you make a purchase using your ATM or Debit card.

You can also get cash at most stores that accept debit cards by indicating “Yes” when the pin pad asks if you would like extra cash. In most cases it will then allow you to select a desired amount. You will not be charged extra for this service.


Enhanced protections

Enhanced Protections

Use your Pillar Credit Union Debit card for purchasing and your purchases will have enhanced protections: Price Protection, Extended Warranty, and Satisfaction Guarantee

Extended Warranty Insurance*

Doubles the time period and duplicates the coverage of the original manufacturer’s or U.S. store brand warranty for a maximum of one year.

Price Protection*

If you find a lower price within 60 days of purchase, Price Protection guarantees you the best price on products purchased with an eligible card by refunding the difference.

Satisfaction Guarantee*

Provides up to $250 per product, if you become dissatisfied with the product within 60 days of purchase and the merchant will not accept a return.

*Certain restrictions, terms, and conditions apply. Click on the service for complete details.



Lost / Stolen Debit Card: 740-389-9960 or 1-800-264-5578 (After Hours)

Debit Card Charge Dispute: 740-389-9960 or 1-866-987-1457 (After Hours)


Overdraft protection

Overdraft Protection (E-Z Advance)

We strive to find new and better ways to meet all our members’ financial needs.

It is not unusual for people to find themselves facing a cash shortfall due to a mistake in their checkbook or an unexpected bill. If you have ever accidentally bounced a check, you already know, in addition to the embarrassment, you also face merchant fees, the inconvenience of returning to the merchant to correct the error, and the potential negative effect on your credit rating.

Your credit union understands, and this is why we are introduced our E-Z ADVANCE program. It is automatically available to most of our share draft checking accountholders – Some restrictions do apply. It is a non-contractual courtesy and requires no action on your part to enroll. It costs nothing unless you use it. With E-Z ADVANCE, our intent is to provide you with some additional peace of mind in knowing you have a resource available in case you need it. Your financial transactions (checks, Debit card purchases and automated debit transactions) may be honored up to your limit of $500, as long as you maintain your credit union accounts in good standing. If you overdraw your account, Pillar Credit Union may choose pay the item and charge your account our standard $30 non-sufficient funds fee rather than return it for non-sufficient funds.

We believe E-Z ADVANCE is one more way we can help you meet unexpected financial needs. If you wish to “OPT OUT” of E-Z ADVANCE please notify this office at 740/389-9960. We look forward to continuing to serve you.


  Reorder paper checks

Re-Order Checks Online

You can reorder your paper checks online directly from Main Street. Please have an existing check ready, as you will need information from it.

Reorder Online  




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