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Auto Loans

Auto & Vehicle Loans

We are the #1 Auto Loan provider in Marion County!

More Marion County residents trust the low rates and excellent service of Pillar Credit Union for auto loans than any other lender.

We offer loans for the purchase of cars, trucks, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and boats. For more information about how you can qualify for a vehicle loan contact either branch and ask to speak with a loan officer.

Get your car or truck loan right here in Marion County!

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  • Truck Loans
  • Motorcycle Loans
  • Boat Loans
  • ATV Loans
  • RV Loans

Vehicle Loan Rates

Type Rate APR*
Auto Loans (2013 & Newer) As Low As 2.22%
RV Loans As Low As 2.22%
Boat Loans As Low As 5.99%


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NEW! Driver's Choice Auto Loan

With no down payment and no prepayment penalties, our new Driver's Choice Auto Loan is designed to help you get the car you want with financing options that work for you.

Drivers Choice Loan

What is the Driver's Choice Auto Loan?

Our Driver's Choice Auto Loan is like a lease, except that you actually own the vehicle. At the end of your financing term, you can retain the car by paying the remaining balance or finance the balance at the current used rates. Or you can simply return the car.1


How does the Driver's Choice Loan Program work?

The Driver's Choice Loan Program is available for new and used vehicles (up to five model years old). Financing options are available from 24 to 72 months, offering payments up to 40% lower than conventional financing. Here is an example:

  Conventional Loan Driver's Choice Loan
Loan Amount $30,000 $30,000
Loan Term 36 Months 36 Months
Guaranteed Furure Value (GFV) N/A $16,500
Monthly Payments $869.00 $464.80*

*Payments 1-35 are $464.80 with a 36th payment of $16,500 (GFV). 45 days to first payment. Based on a 3.99% annual percentage rate. Disclaimer: (1) Rates shown are for illustrative purposes only and may vary due to individual credit worthiness and/or loan term. (2) Payments shown may vary from the final payment provided by credit union loan representative.

At any time during your loan term you can:

  • Sell the vehicle, pay the loan balance (including residual value) and keep any difference.
  • Use the vehicle as a trade-in, and the loan balance (including residual value) is paid as part of the transaction.
  • Keep the vehicle and refinance the loan balance (including residual value) as a used vehicle loan.

At loan maturity, you have the option to return the vehicle and walk away from the residual value.

Learn more on our Driver's Choice Page



Get your Credit Union Loan at Participating Auto Dealers

We have partnered with CRIF Lending Solutions to offer indirect lending for our members. You can now go to select dealers in Marion, Delaware, Columbus and many other cities throughout Ohio and purchase a vehicle financed by Pillar Credit Union with all of the paperwork done at the dealership. Before you buy, ask at the dealership if they are a CRIF dealership, and tell your salesperson that you want to finance your new vehicle with Pillar Credit Union.

If you would like to shop at a CRIF partner dealership via the internet, click on their link below. We will add other dealerships as they join CRIF or become active with our members.

Locate a participating dealer



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